We invite research contributions for the 26th World Wide Web Conference Crowdsourcing Track.

This track focuses on socio-technical systems that create value through collective action. These actions include producing, appraising and sharing content, performing various types of work, as well as all other crowd phenomena that occur today over the WWW. We invite submissions that contribute a new algorithm, analysis, application, or framework. Papers should be clearly positioned with respect to prior work, convey the importance of the contribution and findings, and report in detail the methodology used and the obtained results, including a comparison with state-of-the-art methods when appropriate.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Crowdsourcing and collective intelligence
  • Modeling, design and operation of crowdsourcing systems
  • Human computation and hybrid human-machine systems
  • Workflow optimization based on expertise, compatibility, time constraints, etc.
  • Engagement, motivations, incentives, and gamification
  • Mining of crowd-generated data
  • Impact and applications of crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourcing and impact on labor, legislation, politics, governance, and economics
  • User-generated content and peer production
  • Quality assurance and metrics in crowd-powered applications
  • Crowd phenomena in opinion formation and prediction markets
  • Usability and human factors in crowd applications
  • Real-time and mobile crowdsourcing.

Area Chairs


Program Committee

    Jussara Almeida UFMG
    Omar Alonso Microsoft
    Aris Anagnostopoulos Sapienza University of Rome
    Lora Aroyo VU University Amsterdam
    Senjuti Basu Roy Institute of Technology
    Abraham Bernstein University of Zurich
    Alessandro Bozzon Delft University of Technology
    Marco Brambilla
    Cornelia Caragea University of North Texas
    Fabio Casati University of Trento
    Carlos Castillo Eurecat
    Michele Catasta EPFL
    Laura Elisa Celis EPFL
    Kuan-Ta Chen Academia Sinica
    Reynold Cheng The University of Hong Kong
    Ed H. Chi Google, Inc.
    Gautam Das University of Texas at Arlington, USA
    Gianluca Demartini University of Sheffield
    Djellel Eddine Difallah unifr
    Carsten Eickhoff ETH Zurich
    Boi Faltings EPFL
    Elena Filatova CUNY City Tech
    Vanessa Frias-Martinez University of Maryland
    Ujwal Gadiraju L3S Research Center
    Jing Gao University at Buffalo
    David Garcia ETH Zurich
    Daniel Gatica-Perez Idiap and EPFL
    Manuel Gomez Rodriguez MPI for Software Systems
    Benjamin Hanrahan Virginia Tech
    Greg Hines University of Southampton
    Chien-Ju Ho Cornell University
    Christopher Homan Rochester Institute of Technology
    Tobias Hossfeld University of Duisburg-Essen, Chair of Modeling of Adaptive Systems
    Shaili Jain Harvard University
    Hyun Joon Jung Apple
    David Jurgens Stanford University
    Adam Kalai Microsoft Research
    Gabriella Kazai
    Brian Keegan University of Colorado Boulder
    Patty Kostkova University College London
    Nicolas Kourtellis Telefonica Research
    Tim Kraska Brown University
    Markus Krause ICSI, UC Berkeley
    Pavel Kucherbaev UNITN
    Anand Kulkarni
    Walter Lasecki University of Michigan, Computer Science & Engineering
    Bruno Lepri FBK-Irst
    Walid Magdy Qatar Computing Research Institute
    Andrew Mao Microsoft Research
    Julian Mcauley UC San Diego
    Wagner Meira Jr. UFMG
    Zoltan Miklos University of Rennes 1
    Sue Moon KAIST
    Aditya Pal Facebook
    Praveen Paritosh Google
    Alkis Polyzotis
    Alexander Quinn Purdue University
    Bruno Ribeiro Purdue University
    Daniel Romero University of Michigan
    Derek Ruths McGill University
    Nishanth Sastry King's College London
    Antonio Scala Institute for Complex Systems / Italian National Research Council
    Elena Simperl University of Southampton
    Anna Squicciarini The Pennsylvania State University
    Markus Strohmaier University of Koblenz-Landau
    Siddharth Suri Microsoft Research
    Saravanan Thirumuruganathan Qatar Computing Research Institute
    Beth Trushkowsky Harvey Mudd College
    Jennifer Wortman Vaughan Microsoft Research
    Maja Vukovic IBM Research
    Byron Wallace Northeastern University
    Jiannan Wang Simon Fraser University
    Jing Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Chris Welty Google Research
    Eugene Wu
    Anbang Xu IBM Research - Almaden
    Haoqi Zhang Harvard University
    Jing Zhang Nanjing University of Science and Technology

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