Security and Privacy

We invite research contributions for the 26th World Wide Web Conference Security and Privacy Track.

This track offers researchers working on security, privacy, trust, and abuse of trust to present their work to the broad community of researchers, with myriad backgrounds and interests, who will be attending the 2017 World Wide Web Conference.

Relevant topics include:

  • Human and usability factors in Web security & privacy
  • Measurement of online crime/underground economics
  • Tracking, profiling, and countermeasures against them
  • Measurement, analysis, and circumvention of Web censorship
  • Browser security
  • Authentication and authorization for Web-based services
  • Social network security and privacy
  • Security and privacy of web protocols
  • Abusive content such as online harassments, spam, and fake reviews
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Web
  • Legal, ethical, policy issues of Web security and privacy
  • Security for Web services (e.g., blogs, Web feed, wikis, social networks)
  • Applications of cryptography to the web
  • Security in Web-based electronic commerce (e-cash, auctions, etc.)
  • Security and privacy for intelligent assistants

This year’s track chairs will place special focus on encouraging reviewers to provide authors with feedback that is constructive and valuable. When reviewers advocate to accept a submission, we will ask them to identify improvements that can reasonably be implemented by the camera-ready deadline. When reviewers advocate for rejection, we will be encourage reviewers to try to identify improvements that, if made, would be sufficient to cause them to advocate for the paper in the future.

WWW is an open-access conference, as all papers that appear at the conference will be made available for free on the conference website. See the archive of last year's proceedings.

Track Chairs


  • Tadayoshi Kohno (University of Washington)
  • Wenke Lee (Georgia Tech)
  • Stuart Schechter

Program Committee

Sadia Afroz University of California, Berkeley
Johanna Amann
Leyla Bilge Symantec Research Labs
Dan Boneh Stanford
Joseoph Bonneau Stanford University
Elie Burstein Google
Justin Cappos New York University
Stephen Checkoway
Nicolas Christin CMU
Alexei Czeskis
Sauvik Das CMU
Emiliano Decristofaro University College London
Zakir Durumeric University of Michigan
David Evans University of Virginia
Ariel Feldman University of Chicago
Paul Francis MPI-SWS
Simson Garfinkel NIST
Christina Garman Johns Hopkins University
Matt Green
Saikat Guha
Cormac Herley Microsoft Research
Kévin Huguenin
Luca Invernizzi Google
Vasileios Kemerlis Brown University
Adam Lerner University of Washington
Michelle Mazurek University of Maryland
Wei Meng Georgia Tech
James Mickens Harvard
Tyler Moore University of Tulsa
Alex Moshchuk
Nick Nikiforakis Stonybrook
Roberto Perdisci
Manuel Reinert Saarland University, CISPA
Charlie Reis
Brendan Saltaformaggio Purdue University
Stefan Saroiu Microsoft Research
Kevin Snow University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sidney Stamm Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Deian Stefan UCSD
Gianluca Stringhini University College London
Blase Ur
Marie Vasek Southern Methodist University
Gang Wang Virginia Tech
Xi Wang
Eric Wustrow
Xinyu Xing Georgia Institute of Technology
Yupeng Zhang University of Maryland
Yuchen Zhou University of Virginia

Download this call for papers as a PDF [760 kB]