Systems and Infrastructure

We invite research contributions for the 26th World Wide Web Conference Systems and Infrastructure Track.

The Systems and Infrastructure track at WWW 2017 invites papers related to the architecture and construction of systems and infrastructure underlying Internet services that operate at a global scale.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud computing.
  • Challenges and support for outsourcing computations to the cloud.
  • Highly available and reliable data centre systems.
  • Transactional systems and models for data centres.
  • Distributed storage and caching, CDNs.
  • Energy efficiency in data centres.
  • Self-organizing, autonomous, and federated data centre and cloud systems.
  • Managing, debugging, and diagnosing problems in data centre systems.
  • Virtualization and resource management for data centres.
  • Data centre networking and its interplay with data centre systems.
  • Experience with deployed/operational data centre and cloud systems.
  • Infrastructure for big data computations/analytics.
  • Economics of cloud computing.

Track Chairs


  • Dennis Fetterly (Google)
  • Christopher Rossbach (UT Austin, VMware Research Group)

Program Committee

Nadav Amit VMware Research Group
Mahesh Balakrishnan Yale University
Vijay Chidambaram University of Wisconsin Madison
Byung-Gon Chun Seoul National University
Paolo Costa Microsoft Research
Carlo Curino Microsoft
Flavio Junqueira Microsoft Research
Baris Kasikci EPFL
Taesoo Kim Georgia Tech
Brandon Lucia Carnegie Mellon University
Jason Mars University of Michigan
Frank McSherry
James Mickens Harvard
Derek Murray Google
Dushyanth Narayanan Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Donald E. Porter Stony Brook University
Vijayan Prabhakaran
Sriram Rao Microsoft
Binoy Ravindran ECE, Virginia Tech
Amitabha Roy Intel
Indrajit Roy
Eric Schkufza
Assaf Schuster Technion
Malte Schwarzkopf MIT CSAIL
Sid Sen Microsoft Research NYC
Marco Serafini QCRI - Qatar Foundation
Mark Silberstein Technion
Phillip Stanley-Marbell MIT
Michael Swift University of Wisconsin
Eiko Yoneki University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Download this call for papers as a PDF [708 kB]