Co-located conferences

WWW2017 will be at the centre of an 8-day 'Festival of the Web' featuring international co-located conferences, locally developed conferences and a suite of add-on web-focused events - along with a range of social and cultural activities.

Major international co-located conferences which will be co-located with WWW2017 are listed below.

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Tuesday 4 April

The Big Data Innovators Gathering will bring academics and industry leaders together to discuss the state-of-the-art in Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics. BIG2017 will consist of keynotes from visionaries in the field, a panel on hot topics, and talks on successes and best practices.

Included with BIG2017 will be the BIG2017 Cup, sponsored by Microsoft. This event is a data challenge to encourage innovative approaches that leverage data in new ways for new outcomes.


To contact BIG2017, email Robin Chen, General Chair on

Direct registration for BIG2017 will open shortly. Alternatively you can register with a 5-day multi-day pass for WWW2017.


Sunday 2 April (afternoon start) to Tuesday 4 April (Mid-day conclusion)

SeGAH 2017 (Serious Games and Applications for Health), will involve discussion and the sharing of knowledge, experiences and scientific and technical results, related to state-of-the-art solutions and technologies on serious games and applications for health and healthcare, as well as the demonstration of advanced products and technologies.

The conference will include workshops, tutorials and demonstrations on a variety of scientific and technical topics. A special track on "Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technologies" is included for 2017.

This conference will cover a broad range of topic areas in the area of healthcare technologies and education, assistive technologies game-based learning, and virtual and augmented reality. You will find these topics listed on the SEGAH2017 website.

Visit the SeGAH2017 website for detailed information.

To contact SeGAH2017, email Sara de Freitas, Co-General Chair, on

Direct registration for SeGAH2017 will open shortly. Alternatively you can register with a multi-day pass for WWW2017 - see for these details.

W4A 2017

Sunday 2 April to Tuesday 4 April

W4A is the international Web For All accessibility conference. Access to the web should be easy for all people on whatever device they wish to use.

The focus of W4A2017 will be ‘The Future of Accessible Work’

With expanding globalisation, work is becoming less of a local activity, with many now working on teams spread over great distances. Inclusive work environments have the potential to greatly improve the ability of people to obtain and maintain meaningful employment, despite disabilities or other impairments. Organisations and employers are also embracing the benefits of being more inclusive in their human resource management. More flexible working arrangements — such as telecommuting for remote employees, better access to remote work technologies, access to better data platforms, and employees using their own devices (BYOD) — are just a few of the possibilities that employers are exploring.

Visit the W4A2017 website for detailed information:

To contact W4A2017, email Vivienne Conway, General Chair on

Direct registration for W4A2017 will open shortly. Alternatively you can register with a multi-day pass for WWW2017 - see for these details.