WWW 2017 will offer three full day and 10 half day tutorials that will provide a high quality learning experience to conference attendees on current and emergent Web topics

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience and identify new opportunities for collaboration and new directions for future research.

The tutorials will take place at the conference venue, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, on Monday 3 April and Tuesday 4 April, 2017. Where available, a brief description of the tutorial has been provided. Hopefully, more of these will be added as they become available.

Tutorials will be scheduled so as to avoid conflicts with conference sessions in similar or related areas. A tentative schedule has been set out below. The exact schedule will be released closer to the conference date.

Accepted tutorials:

Monday 3 April - Full day

Towards Obtaining Human-level Multimedia Semantics...

A. Liang, M. Ogihara, G. Ren, S. Parthasarathy,

Monday 3 April - Half day - morning

Caching at the Web Scale

V. Zakhary, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi

Distributed Machine Learning: Foundations, Trends, and Practices

T-Y Liu, W. Chen, T. Wang

Constructing Structured Information Networks from Massive Text Corporations

X. Ren, M. Jiang, J. Shang, J. Han

Monday 3 April - Half day - afternoon

Computational Models for Social Network Analysis

Jie Tang

Antisocial Behavior on the Web: Characterization and Detection

S. Kumar, J. Cheng, J. Leskovec

Scalable deep document / sequence reasoning with Cognitive Toolkit

W. Darling, C. Marschner, S. Pathak

Tuesday 4 April - Full day

Towards Semantic Applications: …

Dzung Le, Michel Héon, Nick Volmer

The Lifecycle of Geotagged Data

R. Schifanella, B. Thomee, D. A. Shamma

Tuesday 4 April - Half day – morning

Semantic Data Management in Practice

Olaf Hartig, Olivier Curé

Digital Demography

Bogdan State, Ingmar Weber

Tuesday 4 April - Half day – afternoon

Semantic Web meets Internet of Things and Web of Things

A. Gyrard, P. Patel, S. K. Datta, M.I. Ali

Large Scale Distributed Data Science from scratch using Apache Spark 2.0

J. G. Shanahan, L. Dai


The tutorials will cater to a varied range of interests and backgrounds: beginners, developers, designers, researchers, practitioners, users, lecturers and representatives of governments and funding agencies who wish to learn new technologies.

More detail on the tutorials will be published closer to the conference date.

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